Monday, June 09, 2008

Create a Squidoo Lens Ring

Over the past week I have been refining a strategy that I call
a Squidoo lens ring - a series of interconnected lens linked
to an authority lens on a specific theme.

The central lens serves as an integrating lens while the other
linked lenses cover sub-themes of the authority lens.

One of the first lenses I created drew on blog posts I had made
over a number of years concerning flexible learning and
online learning.

This enabled me to create a primary lens as my authority
site in the area:

More recently I have created 5 related lenses drawing on
my blog posts and addressing sub-themes of online learning:

The way I am creating a Squidoo lens ring is to
these 6 lenses by:

1. using "lensroll" to connect each of the lenses to the
other 5 lenses

2. creating a "featured lens" module in each lens with
the other 5 lenses listed as featured lenses.

(Note: while this is still a work-in-progress, the overall
strategy is clear)

The basic structure of each lens is as follows:

1. Introduction module (includes a Wikipedia definition
and link where appropriate)

2. Link module (either text link or link plexo)

3. Google blog module (using either "blog" or "news" or

4. YouTube video module (where videos are available)

5. Flickr module (where appropriate)

6. A definitional module (can be a Flickr image)

7. Monetization module (working on this!)

8. Lead capture (text) module (invitation to readers to
join my mailing list and receive my free e-course on
Squidoo marketing strategies).

The strategy of creating a Squidoo lens ring gives readers
more focused information, promotes cross-lens traffic,
provides multiple "landing pages", increases overall
traffic and income potential and builds your profile.
It also contributes to your lensrank.

(Sidenote: This post was catalysed by Susan52's Twitter
comment about her new lens on turning a blog
post into a Squidoo lens:

It reminded me that each of these 6 lenses in my Squidoo
lens ring drew on my online learning blog.)

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster
and provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate
marketing on his Squidoo lens:

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Unknown said...


Thanks for the link to my lens!

I've actually added a link to this post on that lens, just keeping those rings spinning and spinning. ..


Norbert Sczepanski said...

Hi Ron,

thx for mentioning this url


I definitly want to read this lens.

thx :-)

james hill said...

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