Saturday, April 05, 2008

Squidoo Traffic Tactic 1: Use the Squidoo Fan Club

Squidoo recently introduced the concept of the Fan Club.

If you like the work of a Squidoo Lensmaster you can join
their Fan Club by simply clicking on the Fan Club link
which appears in the upper right hand corner below the
Lensmaster's name.

Be genuine about this but make use of its potential.
Margaret Schaut, a top Lensmaster, has joined the
Fan Club of over 2,000 Lensmasters.

What you have to be aware of is that when you join
someone's Squidoo Fan Club, you will receive
their SquidCasts (see my Squdoo Directory}.

Here's a strategy to quickly join the Fan Club
of many Squidoo Lensmasters.

1. Log in to your Squidoo Dashboard
2. Visit the lens of a prominent Squidoo Lensmaster
3. Join their Fan Club if you have not already done so.
4. Click on the photo of one of their fans
5. Click "join this fanclub" (below their profile)
6. Click "Yes, Continue" or "No Thanks"
7. Repeat ( can continue where you land).

In the process, you will come across some fantastic
Lensmasters and great lenses. Stop off to visit and
leave a comment (with a link to your lens).

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