Thursday, April 17, 2008

Video Production Made Easy - How to quickly create red hot video promos at no cost!

Kevin Riley has come up with a quick and easy way to drive
traffic to your website, blog or Squidoo lens.

In his 97 page e-Book he shows you a quick and easy way to
promote any product or service using videos developed from
still pictures. Even better he reveals where to get the free
software and stock photos to produce these red hot
promotional videos.

An added bonus is that if you market this product, you receive
100% of the sale price. So with one sale you can recoup your
cost and have access to way to explode your traffic and income.

Here's some of the things you will learn from the step by step
screenshots from this Video Recipe eBook:

Checkmark Pluck out the keyword phrases that will
make you the most money,
and learn
to dominate Google.
Checkmark Create the kind of link that your visitors
will click through on.
You want your visitors
to explore your link.
Checkmark Get the right kind of images to make this
whole video campaign pull you big commissions.

Image is everything.
Checkmark Plug everything into the Video Machine.
Let some fantastic new technology do all the
bull work, and turn your images into a
dynamic work of art.
Checkmark Turn the end of your video into a call for action
-- the kind of action that puts bucks in your bank account.
Checkmark Upload your video with the kind of title and
description that makes sure you Blitz those
search engine results.

CLICK HERE for the Recipe for Quick and Easy Production of Hot
Video Promos.

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