Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Explode Your Squidoo Traffic with Social Marketing

There is a lot of discussion lately about social marketing
prompted in part by the work of

Many writers are now asserting that Squidoo should
be an integral part of your internet marketing strategy.

My considered view is that Squidoo should be an essential
element in your marketing mix. I see it now as a marketing
ring - a series of linked elements : Squidoo-articles-blog-
website-social (book) marketing sites. This results in a
certain synergy that no one element can achieve by itself.
The net effect is multi-directional, traffic flows.

Stompernet (Don Crowther) put out a landmark video and
report recently which is showing the massive impact
of social marketing. Rosalind Gardner, Super Affiliate,
responded by immediately saying that she has to rethink her
stance on social marketing sites like Facebook, etc and
give them more importance.

Here's the video:

You can access the related pdf report by entering your
name and email on the video page.

Unwittingly, Don Crowther has highlighted my own dominance
of the keyword, "Squidoo Marketing Strategies" in the video
(around the 16th minute). At the time of the video, 8 of the
top ten results were linked to my sites - my ebook sales page,
my lenses, my blog, my articles or technorati tags.

We have to start thinking in terms of creating marketing
webs, rings or circles.

We are now in the era of "collaborative marketing",
"permission marketing" & "engagement marketing".
Our marketing strategies need to reflect
the "inter-linking" and "interactivity"
and "communal"
nature of this emerging era.

One-out strategies are a thing of the past!

Here's a great free resource to get started with
social bookmarking (tagging):

Product of the Week

Traffic Exchange Meets
Social Marketing:

The fastest growing social marketing site on the
Internet at the moment is the newly launched
Traffic Exchange - Trafficera. Trafficera combines a
traffic exchange with a social network. The new program
has numerous features including the ability to promote
your website(s) to thousands of people worldwide, create
valuable contacts with others from around the world,
maintain your own blog space, search for other members
that share similar interests to yourself, create and/or
participate in discussion groups and create your own
splash pages.

Trafficera is being offered by the owner of TS25, TrafficPods
and HitPulse - so they know what they are doing.

Get in early for "First Mover" benefits:


Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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Huage said...

I totally agree with you that Squidoo is an effective traffic-driver. It has helped me greatly. The best thing is that the traffic is targetted. :-) Thanks for reinforcing my concepts.

Huage said...

Perhaps you wish to share with us more strategies on traffic generation?

Thanks in advance!