Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: build your list

Squidoo is great for building your list.

While Squidoo Lensmasters can no longer use iframes
in their lenses, there are other ways to capture leads.

Create a lead capture Squidoo module

At the moment I am using a lead capture module which
has the cover of my ebook as the eye-catching image.

Here's the module where I offer a free subscription
to my 7 day email course plus weekly follow-up with
tips, hints and Squidoo marketing strategies:
Lead Capture Module

I have added 300 people to my mailing list in the last
6 months using this method.

I hope to get a signficant boost to my list building
during November when I offer my Squidoo Marketing
Strategies ebook free at the Work at Home Giveaway
commencing at 12PM EST on 9 November:

One of the list building secrets with Squidoo is to
build multiple focused Squidoo lenses so that you are
attracting a wide variety of people with different interests.
For example, I have built Squidoo lenses around my
interest in the inner game of tennis, affiliate marketing,
poetry, boutique hotels, online learning, digital storytelling,
Eva Cassidy, Clickbank and Facebook:

You need a reliable autoresponder for your list

It is vitally important to have a reliable autoresponder and
a meaningful follow-up email series. Some of the people
who join my email course purchase my book,
Squidoo Marketing Strategies. They all join my regular
list and receive weekly broadcasts about Squidoo marketing,
tools and tips.

I am using as my autoresponder and found it
very reliable, with an excellent delivery rate and superb
service. I have used the online chat facility a number of
times to solve a problem and the issues were handled very
professionally by knowledgable staff.

I have previously used four different autoresponders
and experienced problems of downtime, broadcast
failures and even loss of my mailing list of 1,500 people
because of poor backup facilites. I decided eventually
that if I was going to build an online business I needed
a professional autoresponder as my busines backbone.

I have really appreciated the quality of Aweber:

So the steps to build your list with Squidoo are:

1. create a lead capture module on Squidoo lenses
2. provide an email course or gift to attract prospects
3. use a reliable autoresponder like Aweber
4. provide regular email broadcasts to your list

You may have to have different lists for your various
Squidoo lenses. I am lucky that all my subscribers
at the moment are interested in Squidoo affiliate
marketing so I can have a common list.

However, I am in the process of writing a free ebook on
on the inner game of tennis which I will link to a series
of emails created by one of the relevant affiliate
merchants. So I will build another list just for that
Squidoo lens and readers. Here's my Squidoo lens
on the inner game of tennis:

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster
and provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook: Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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I agree, I use squidoo to build my list and it is so easy to use.

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