Monday, November 05, 2007

Google Blog Slap: Squidoo to the rescue

Google recently did a re-rank of web sites and particularly

Many of the world's best blogs dropped in Google page ranking
(PR) e.g. from PR7 to PR5 or PR5 to PR3.

This action by Google has been the subject of heated debate
on blogs across the globe.

The interesting fact is that many of the blogs have had their
page rank restored. In some cases this was because they were
not in fact using paid links at this point in time.

The story so far

Here's a tracking of the story:

Darren Rowse, (PR7), wrote about it when
it first happened. He identified the fact that Google was
penalising "authority sites" for using paid (sponsored)
advertising links:

Problogger dropped to Page Rank 4
(Problogger drops from PR 6/7 to PR4)

Google Page Rank Pendulum Swings Again
(Problogger back to PR7)

A blogger reports that paid links are now worth more
(many bloggers have stopped using paid links
but there are still people willing to pay ...and pay
even more)

Andy Beard has shown the progression in ranking
after the third round. This great list gives you the
top blogs (so why not comment on them!). Check it out

What has this got to do with Squidoo?

Well Squidoo seems to be going from strength
to strength
while all these changes are going on.

Here's the Google ranking of three
of my lenses
(at least at the time of writing): - PR5 - PR4 - PR4

Google PR5 is a ranking usually reserved for authority sites...
and often takes years of blogging to achieve. The Squidoo
Marketing Strategies lens was started in March this year!

So I suggest you get to it and build an authority Squidoo site
(with no paid links!!!) ...and then build multiple affiliate
marketing sites each dedicated to one product or service...and
cross-link the lot.

If you want to check out the Google page rank for your
Squidoo lens you can do so here:


I have just listened to Yaro Starak's Blog Profits Blueprint
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one of the Top ten bloggers in Australia (and a Brisbanite to
boot!). It really does give you the blueprint to make
money from a blog - step by step. Yaro should know - he
earns $5000 per month from blogging. This is a great
resource and you will not find a better resource on
blogging any where (even in the two $47 ebooks on the
topic that I have purchased).

Click here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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