Thursday, November 08, 2007

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: use images to grab attention

You can brighten up your lenses with video, graphics
and photos.

These attract people's attention and often encourages them
to linger longer on your Squidoo lens.

For example, you can use instructional videos from YouTube
to assist your visitors to get across a topic area. I have
provided videos on how to take digital photos on the
following lens:

I have purchased a number of graphics packages
to add graphics to my lenses as well. These often
serve the purpose of breaking up the text modules
and making the lens easier to read.

My latest purchase is the following package
which gives you editable, web-specific highlighter
graphics for under $7:

The one-time offer which is marginally dearer gives
you the capacity to create your own buttons and logos
using a simple point and click technology.

Graphics were never my strong point so I am so grateful to
these developers that have not only given me access to a
wide range of Web 2.0 graphics but also an easy facility
to create my own:

Graphics packages can be quite expensive, but these are
very reasonably priced and attractive to boot.

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Anonymous said...

Squidoo is really great platform this time...