Saturday, August 04, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Use bum marketing with Squidoo

I recently bought Kelly's
Squidoo Queen and found it a
perfect complement to my
own e-book on...
Squidoo Marketing Strategies.

In my e-book I spend some considerable time in helping
people set up their lenses, build lens ranking and create
traffic for their lenses. Kelly puts most of her emphasis
on how to make money from Squidoo.

She draws on the Bum Marketing Method and uses
these same principles to help you choose your lens focus
and structure.

Bum Marketing employs article marketing with a
difference. It focuses on low competition keywords
and submission to high traffic, high rated article directory

(Note: Bum Marketing Method provides some very
generous free advice and resources - worth a look in
its own right!!)

Kelly shows you how to apply this
method to your Squidoo lens to make
a real profit from affiliate programs,
including Clickbank products.

She provides free resources to help you with this
task and offers many ways to win and sustain
high ranking with Google for your lens.

I found some valuable insights in her e-book
that I am now putting into practice. For example,
I was about to create a lens around a particular
keyword phrase and found that there were already
535,000,000 organic search results listed in Google
for that phrase and numerous paid Google ads
- clearly, not a level playing field.

Kelly also offers personal one-to-one coaching at
different times for buyers of her e-book.

If you are an affiliate marketer, there
are some great insights and strategies
here to help you make a substantial profit
from Squidoo.

Kelly also shows you a creative way to cloak your
affiliate links using Hostgator.

Check out what Kelly has to offer:
Squidoo Queen

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Anonymous said...

Ron -

You have presented an excellent product review for "Squidoo Marketing Stratgies: Use bum marketing with Squidoo".

There are now several good digital Squidoo ebook products available for Squidoo Lensmasters - like Squidoo Marketing Strategies.

I think the Squidoo Queen ebook gives the novice web entrepreneur or the new Squidoo lensmaster a good solid basic Squidoo and bum marketing foundation to get them started making money with their Squidoo lenses from affiliate programs.

I found the Squidoo Queen ebook and resources very helpful. The Squidoo Queen is an excellent value for either the promotional or regular price.

LaVonne said...

Enjoyed your blog on Squidoo. Keep up the good work!