Sunday, July 22, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Create a Squidoo Group

You can create a Squidoo Group and establish yourself
as an expert in your area. All the lenses in the group
will point to your own lens.

As Groupmaster, you control the content of the Group

The process for creating a group is very similar to that
of creating a lens. To create a Squidoo Group, go to your
Lens Dashboard and click on the "My Groups" Tab and
then click on "Start a Group".

Think about the name you use (the URL) but do not
use the name of an affiliate program. Then create your
description so that it reflects your theme and core

You can develop an introduction to orientate potential
group members and incoprorate a hyperlink.

As Groupmaster, you can control the settings for
the group, e.g. deciding who can join your group and
rejecting Lensmasters who do not contribute to group

The key aspect is that you can control the
content of the group lens. For example you can
create these modules:
- featured lensmasters (with their icon)
- featured lenses
- new lenses (automatically generated for new members)
- links plexo
- poll module
- Amazon plexo
- text/write module

You can also add RSS feeds and include links to your
own blog feed (or other feeds with your ID embedded
- see below for RSS Ground *).

Be sure to add a Group Discussion (guestbook) module so
that visitors can add new content to the Group Lens via
their comments. You can facilitate this by asking them to
comment on some aspect of the theme of the Group.

Besides the excellent Group exemplars already available
on Squidoo, there are some great resources to
help you establish a group:

1. Margaret Schaut's lens which gives you tips on how to
brighten up your Group Headquarters
(Group Lens):

2. The Squidoo Design Team that will create
logos for your Squidoo group at no charge:

Well, I decided to put my own recommendations into
practice. Here's my Squidoo Marketing Group that I
published for the first time yesterday:

If you have a lens related to this group topic, please come
and join my new group.


RSS Ground generates affilate-coded RSS feeds for Clickbank, and Ebay. You just add your keyword and your
relevant ID (e.g. your Clickbank username) and RSS Ground
will generate the code for your affiliate-embedded RSS feeds for
your Squidoo lens, blog or website. RSS Ground also provides
RSS code for news, video, blog, audio and tag feeds. You can
check it out here:

If you want to see RSS Ground in operation, check out the
Clickbank RSS feed on Squidoo ebooks and reports on my


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