Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Join Squidoo groups to boost your LensRank

Groups are a relatively recent innovation of Squidoo
to make it a more community-focused site.

One of the reasons to join groups is to gain more
traffic for your lens. Groups come up just like
lenses when someone searches on Google for a
particular term like "affiliate marketing".

Lenses included in a group appear in LensRank order
in the search results.

If you are towards the top of the group, you will
come up first. Your lens can also be treated as a
featured lens by the Group Lensmaster.

If you join a group you will be adding a link back to
your lens. The more groups you join, the more likely
people will be able to find your lens.

You also join groups to build your Squidoo LensRank.

If you go to your lens dashboard you will see your
groups listed under "My Groups" at the top of your
dashboard. It will also show which of your lenses
belong to what groups.

You will see buttons for:

* Start a Group
* Join a Group
* Most Active Groups
* Movers & Shakers
* Newest Groups

When you click the button to join a group you will be
taken to a browse page to explore the groups for each
Squidoo category.

The groups are listed by rank within the category.
Click on a group that interests you and then click the
"add an existing lens" link provided (on the righthand
side at time of writing this post).

You can then add a lens by choosing one of your lenses
from the drop-down menu.

Sometimes joining a group is an automatic process -
you sign up and are immediately added to the group.

Other Group Masters insist on validating your lens
before admitting it to their group. Hence there will
be a day or two delay before your lens is accepted.

Group Lensmasters will often visit your lens and
leave a comment (and sometimes a five star rating).
This all adds to your LensRank.

Other Group members, who share a common interest
with you, will also visit your lens.

So join some relevant groups now and experience an
increase in traffic and LensRank and connect with
people who share your interests.


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