Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies - Trade a comment for a quality backlink

Every day I receive emails from internet marketers like
Derrick Van Dyke, Michael Fortin and Brad Callen.

Nowadays, these emails offer a free report, video,
ebook and/or blog post.

It is only recently that I have come to act on the
"invitation to comment" included at the end of these

I might be invited to add some comment on a video
or blog post.

Often the comment link will take me to a blog/website
with a high Google ranking (4 or 5).

This represents the perfect opportunity for me to
create a high quality, one-way backlink to my own
Squidoo lens or blog.

These top internet marketers love your comments - it
gives them much needed feedback and also boosts (or
maintains) the Google ranking of their site.

Why not keep your eye out for these invitations and
act on them to boost your own lens rank.

You can even get direct traffic to your lens from the

Here's an example:
I posted to Rosalind Gardner's blog, Net Profits Today,
on one occasion and put in a link to Rosalind's own book,
the Super Affiliate Handbook. Someone sent me an email,
said they appreciated my post and bought Rosalind's book
through my affiliate link.

Rosalind's blog has a Google ranking of 5. At the moment
she is looking for feedback on the use of Technorati tags and
is keen to hear about the challenges you face as an affiliate

In the meantime, you could leave a comment about this
blog post (with a hyperlink to your lens/blog) in the
comment area below.

This blog has a Google ranking of 3 or 4 (depending on the
whim of Google on the day).

P.S. Get the whole picture with the Squidoo
Marketing Strategies eBook (includes regular



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Anonymous said...

It's a good idea but people spam a lot. People don't understand that they need to say something related to the topic and not something like "qsdssd sdwedsf swedasd".

I admin one blog and delete stupid spam comments everyday. It's really a boring job :(

Ron Passfield said...

I agree entirely. If you are not going to add value to the blog, you should not comment - you only detract from your own reputation and no one will click your link.

You can also end up blacklisted.

The essential thing is to contribute something worthwhile.

I have even received joint venture offers from my comments - so the benefits can be immeasurable if you add value.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Just visiting your blog and lenses again. There's much to learn and you certainly present it well. My favorite, still, is what you call your Squidoo-Google dance. I really need to get myself organized, memorize that whole concept, and practice what you preach! Thanks for all your good advice!


Ron Passfield said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for the visit and supportive comments - it makes the time and effort all worth while. Just take your time and do some small thing everyday to build your approach. This applies to the Squidoo-Google dance as well. Thanks for joining my Squidoo Marketing e-Course

Gavin said...

Hi Ron,

Well done for demonstrating how to do what you say you are doing.

Can you tell me what the html code I need to use so that I can make the link

Gavin Allinson

Oskars said...

Thank you for a great blog. I am just starting to learn internet marketing and I really appreciate people who share their wisdom for free. Commenting blogs is a great way of getting higher page rank via links.

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Coolest Guy

I agree entirely - commenting blogs and contributing to forums can gives you great backlinks particularly if they sites you commnet on are highly ranked.

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Gavin - thanks for the comment and request.

I tried to show the code here but Blogger.com kept converting it to a hyperlink (even when I left bits out!) or it rejected the code out of hand.

I have added the code to my Squidoo lens under Tips for Squidoo marketing:
Squidoo Marketing

Some experienced affiliate marketers suggest that you should use anchor text (or a keyword) as the "Name of Site" because the search engines will already pick up the site name from the URL.

I have just left a comment on Stephen Ayer's site re his new free pdf report on how to use traffic exchanges:
Traffic Exchange Roadmap

Ron Passfield

P.S. Here's the latest on making money from your blog:
Blogging to the Bank2

Gavin said...

Hi Ron,
lets see if the instructions you gave me work for my Sports Marketing site

Internet Sports Marketing Strategy

thanks for your help


Ron Passfield said...

Great site Gavin. You have mastered the linking code!

Ron Passfield
Squidoo Marketing