Saturday, April 14, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: generate Technorati tags

Wikipedia describes Technorati as "an Internet search engine
for searching blogs, competing with Google, Yahoo and

Tagging is a way of associating keywords with information
- text, videos, pictures, etc. It is very much linked to the
emergence of Web 2 technology such as Squidoo, Flickr and

By creating Technorati tags in your blog posts and your
Squidoo lens, you are:

1. creating a backlink to a highly ranked site (Google has given
Technorati a ranking of 7)
2. generating traffic from Technorati (via the tags)
3. improving the Google ranking of your blog/Squidoo lens.

If you want to know more about Technorati tags visit the link

Here is a great tool that will generate the html
for your Technorati tags. All you do is specify the
tags and the site will generate the html for you:

This site will also generate tags for other bookmarking
sites such as Digg,, Yahoo, BlinkList, Spurl,
Reddit and Furl.

The Technorati tags below were generated with this tool.

Technorati Tags:
, , , , , , , ,


Roger Baillargeon said...

''Ron ‘’

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and all the Best to YOU

Roger B.

P.S..... ‘’Ron ‘’
Your Personel Comments and Suggestions are Always Welcome

Roger BaillargeonAffiliate Marketing Coach
Quebec, Canada

Ron Passfield said...

Thanks Roger for your kind words - I would be posting more if I was not in the middle of writng an eBook on Squidoo.

I would encourage you to check Squidoo out - it could bring lots of traffic to your blog:

Thanks for the prominent link on your blog:


'Disco Stu' said...

nice blog! and nice domain name! i was jsut searching for ewen chias SAW and found this. Cool!

Ron Passfield said...

Thanks Stuart - I am trying to improve the blog a bit each week.
I will be launching an ebook on Squidoo tomorrow! Here's the link:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

Gavin said...


Thanks very much for all the information you are providing.

Could you please add an RSS button onto your blog so that I can subscribe using my feed reader and never miss a blog posting.

best regards

Gavin Allinson

Anonymous said...

Ron, I loved the book. I learned so much. I am also sharing it with two clients of mine, both of whom are disabled and living on about $600 a month, so I didn't think you would mind. (People with money will pay!)
I hope they can add a little to their pockets.

Thanks so much!

Margo Arrowsmith North Carolina, USA

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Margo

I can't think of a better use for my ebook. Keep in touch and maybe we can help your two friends some more. One thing Squidoo does is help us discover your own inherent, creative matter what our disability is.

Ron P.

Anonymous said...

Technorati has me confused but I guess I'll keep plugging away at it. Hopefully I'll get it one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, now that I have the technorati tags and link, what do I do with the script?

Where on my squidoo blog do I post them or what do I do with it.

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Anonymous - I can't contact you directly as I do not have your Blogger profile or email address.

What I have done is place the Technorati code at the bottom of my introduction module. If you choose your keywords appropriately it reinforces the SEO value of the Intro.