Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facebook Explodes Marketing Potential

There are three very important trends you need to be
aware of with respect to Facebook.

1. Facebook traffic exceeded that of Google in March 2010

"Social networking website Facebook has capped a year
of phenomenal growth by overtaking Google’s popularity
among US internet users, with industry data showing
it has scored more visits on its home page than the
search engine."


2. Facebook ads - cheaper and more targeted than
Google Adwords

Google recently unilateraly dumped 1500 Google
Adwords advertiser, so there is a bit of a backlash
against Google. Many Internet marketers are swinging to
Facebook Ads because they are currently cheaper and
more targeted (e.g women aged between 30 and 40
interested in scrapbooking who live in Bristol).

Here's a free resource that gives you a
Facebook Ads 101 course.

3. Facebook Social Plug-Ins - Going Viral

There is a new series of social plugins that feed
Facebook's viral marketing. Now if Mary expresses a
liking for your blog post, Facebook tells her friends
and if one of them say they like it too, FB tells
their friends ...and so it goes on virally.

These social plugins feed off this new feature of
Facebook. Check them out here and explode your traffic:

SquidooRoo is coming - 6 month social media marketing course.

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