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7 Key Strategies for Effective Squidoo Lens Design

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7 Key Strategies for Effective Squidoo Lens Design


Training Conference 1: Squidoo Lens Design

Squidoo is a free multi-media hosting site that allows you to build as many lenses (websites) as you desire on any topic of your choice (at last count, I had 104 published Squidoo lenses). Lenses are developed by adding modules from an ever-growing module list.

My first 12SC training conference was based on my Squidoo lens which covers the principles of lens design and module choice. It explains how to develop an integrated Squidoo lens that reinforces your lens purpose and concept.

The lens also covers:

  • how to add and edit Squidoo modules
  • the photo gallery module
  • the Google blog post/news module
  • reordering Squidoo modules

The Squidoo training lens illustrates these aspects and provides examples of Squidoo lenses using these modules.

To access the trainingg lens, visit:

SquidooRoo Training Program


For further resources on social media marketing, visit:

Squidoo Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing with Social Media

This post on my 12SecondCommute blog covers Squidoo lens design and identifies the resources I used to present a 12SC training conference, one of the daily conferences available to 12SC members.

To access all the marketing tools you will ever need together with video training for the tools, and daily training conferences on Internet marketing click the following site:

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