Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RedGage: pays you for your content!

One way to get good traffic to your Squidoo lenses
is to create backlinks on social bookmarking and
social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook,
MySpace, and HubPages.

I was recently introduced to a new, unique site,
RedGage, by PotPieGirl, the creator of the
Squidoo weekly marketing plan.

RedGage claims to be "the first-of-its-kind web site
that pays people for their online content and monetizes
their social activity".

The basic principle is that you get paid per 1,000 views
of the content that you submit (there are also bonus

Content can be pictures, videos, blog posts, documents
and links to websites, blogs or Squidoo lenses.

An interesting concept - leverage and monetize
further the content you already have on the web!!

RedGage is working towards automatic import of material
from your other social networking sites.

The content uploads are attractively presented so
they provide a constant temptation to linger and look

However, I predict that RedGage will grow rapidly. It
combines social bookmarking, social networking and
revenue sharing - elements it has in common with

I have already linked up with lots of Giant Squids
on the site and more are joining every day. They will
also be promoting RedGage to their lists.

You can join up here (please record ronpass as the
referrer when you complete the sign-up form):

Here's some RedGage helpful hints when you join up:

1. work on getting your profile set up first
(with links to your Squidoo lenses, blogs, etc
and include your interests - this encourages more
2. progressively invite others on the site to be
3. upload blog posts, pictures, videos, links to your
Squidoo lenses, etc (and use the tags provided so people
can find your content)
4. promote RedGage to others
5. comment on, and rate, other people's content.

RGHelp is a RedGage member who provides tutorials on all
aspects of RedGage. You can check out the resources here:

Work at this progressively and you will gradually build
up heaps of backlinks, generate income, expand your
subscribers and create a reverse traffic flow to your
Squidoo lenses.

P.S. The site may be slow as the owners adjust capacity
to meet the unexpected splurge in demand. A lot of people
want to earn money for their content!

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Giant Squid. He provides free resources
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