Thursday, June 25, 2009

Squidoo Policy changes: check your lenses NOW!

Squidoo has made some major Policy Changes!!

You have until mid-July to get your lenses in
order or they may be locked or deleted.

Key areas of change:

#1 No Spam
#2 No X-Rated or Porn
#3 No junk topics
#4 A new limit on "overly promotional lenses"
#5 Plagiarism takedown

You may think you know what these mean, but check
this out closely. "Junk Topics" may include any lens on
"weight loss" for example.

Let's help Squidoo achieve these goals:

"We're going to double down our efforts to help you
make good stuff, via education tools, newbie programs,
an ever-growing Giant Squids program, and constantly
developing valuable new publishing features.

At the same time, we're making the not so good stuff
a little harder to create. And the bad stuff, the really
useless, really wasteful pages, and especially harmful
pages, those don't stand a chance here."

ACT NOW, read the guidelines, check your lenses
and take action where appropriate. If you need to
export your lens content to another site, here's
Giant Squid, PotPieGirl, has produced a number of great
posts to help clarify the policy and its implications - take
her advice:

Explanation of Squidoo Policy Changes

Should Affiliate Marketers Leave Squidoo?
(...the answer is NO!)

These are significant policy changes - for you own
welfare and for the good of the Squidoo community,
please check out your lenses.

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