Sunday, May 17, 2009

Purple Star award for Morningsong Squidoo Lens

Well, our Squidoo lens on the
Morningsong Community Choir
has just been awarded a Purple Star.

Only a few Purple Stars are awarded each week to
exceptional NEW lenses created by Giant Squids.

Squidoo Headquarters have this to say about
Squidoo Lenses awarded a Purple Star:

"This page was handpicked by Squidoo's editors
as one of the most remarkable pages on the entire site.
So if you like it, "remark" on it, share it with a friend,
and know you're spreading the word about something
really exceptional on the web."

For more information on the Purple Star awards,

For information on becoming a Giant Squid,
check out this post:
How to become a Giant Squid

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