Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who do you blog for?

The experts tell us that we should blog with a single person
in mind. This means using words such as "you" and "your",
not "them" and "they".

It can really help you to write if you treat your blogging
as a conversation - a bit less formal writing than an article.

The secret to writing is clearly to keep the audience in mind
as you write - this is often difficult given the diversity of
levels of experience and knowledge of your readers.

I have to own up that I also blog for my own benefit.
In part, this is to get my head around some concepts
or to record some important information I want to
access later.

Invariably, I find that I have to put something into
practice after I make a post - some aspect that I have
forgotten about or overlooked. The blog post can
be a salutary reminder for me.

This just reinforces the fact that blogging has multiple
benefits for the author as well as the reader.

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