Saturday, March 21, 2009

7 Key Reasons To Blog

There are numerous reasons why you should blog.

Here are 7 Key Reasons for Blogging:

1. A focused blog builds your Internet Profile, credibility
and reputation.

2. Google loves fresh content and looks to blogs to provide
regularly, updated content.

3. You can add the blog's RSS feed to your Squidoo lens
and build lensrank.

4. Regular posts with appropriately targeted keywords
can help you dominate a niche and the first page of
Google results.

5. Blogs are a great place to store your own learning and
readily access it via intelligent tagging - they can serve as
reflective journals.

6. Blogs boost traffic and sales if you set them up right and
market them effectively.

7. Blogs help you build relationships with your subscribers
and develop two-way communication.

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