Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Squidoo: Google Blog Search Module

The Google Blog Search module on Squidoo lenses gives you
the option of obtaining a blog feed or news feed from Google
for your specified keyword.

You will need to nominate which feed you want for a
particular lens and identify the desired keyword for the

If you want both feeds, news and blog, on the one lens,
you will need to create two separate Google modules.
This would also apply if you wanted to add a feed for
two different keywords.

Besides providing up to date information for your lens,
the Google Blog Search feed can provide you with ideas for
websites that you can add to your Squidoo Link Module.
Similarly, the blog feeds may suggest tags for your
Squidoo lens.

Another use for the blog feed is to click on a blog entry to
track back to the original post on the blog so that you can
leave a comment with a link back to your Squidoo lens.

I did that this morning for the following lens, because the
Blogger was seeking resources in the area of digital
storytelling for primary school children:

I’m hoping the Blogger will add my Squidoo lens as a
resource link on their blog. In this way, I gain another
in-bound link for my lens.

By the way, in-bound links, like clickouts from your
Squidoo lens, contribute to lensrank.

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Unknown said...

Excellent advice as always. I know for a fact that comments I've left on blogs definitely bring traffic back to my lenses. I need to set aside time to go back and update lenses with blog feeds. I oftentimes forget the benefit it gives my lens. Thanks for the reminder!