Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why Create an Authority Site?

In his recent e-Book, Authority Site 2.0 Blueprint,
Mike Paetzold identifies the search engine benefits of
an authority site.

Mike argues that an authority site will enable you to
gain top search engine rankings, attract free traffic
and boost your income accordingly. He suggests
that Web 2.0 with its social networking capabilities
makes it even easier today to create an authority
site that is attractive to Google and the other search

I could not agree more and this has been
confirmed by my own experience with my
Squidoo Marketing Strategies authority site
(Google PR4 ranking and no1. position for a
number of search term results on Google).

But how do you use Web 2.0 to gain recognition
by Google as an authority site?

Well that is the subject of Mike Paetzold's
comprehensive, 159 page e-Book
(that is going for a steal at the moment).

What I want to concentrate on is what I think
Mike underplays - the value of creating
an Authority

Starting your own authority site is perhaps
the critical ingredient for success in Internet
marketing. Think of any successful marketer...
and what comes to mind?

You know them and buy from them because they
are recognized experts in blogging, social
marketing, AdSense, Google AdWords, SEO, list
building, affiliate marketing, article writing,
weight loss or Squidoo.

They have established their reputation
and gained recognition through their
authority sites

An "authority" by definition is someone who
exerts influence, has credibility, gains followers,
leads by example and commands attention.

People are attracted to "authority figures",
respect their opinions, want to be associated
with them, quote them, talk and write about
them and voluntarily promote the authority's
expertise through buzz, blogging and social

Once you have established yourself as an authority,
people begin to trust you and follow your
recommendations. Your conversion rate soars
and daily income becomes a reality.

If you are recognized as an expert, people want
to associate with you and want to listen to
what you have to say. They will seek you out
for joint ventures, product development,
interviews and collaborative marketing.

When you think about it, the Internet would
not exist if people had not first created authority
sites to make it worthwhile for others to use the
Internet to search for information.

Those early pioneers offered information because
they were passionate about their topic. It was only
later that we learned to monetize this information

The sure road to success on the Internet is to
established as an authority in your own right -
to create your own authority site.

Mike Paetzold has shown the way to create an
authority site within a Web 2.0 environment:
Authority Site 2.0 Blueprint

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