Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Joy of Squidoo - Squidoo recipes

Megan Casey and Seth Godin produced their e-Book,
The Joy of Squidoo, as a cookbook of ideas for
Squidoo lenses.

Here's their take on the e-Book:

The idea for this cookbook is very simple. Once you
see how creatively (and
successfully) other people
use Squidoo, you’ll be more likely to use it well yourself.

That’s why people watch The Food Network, after all.
To get inspired by the tasty

The Joy of Squidoo gives you a bit of background, some
Squidoo groundrules and principles, and then a list of 26
examples (recipes) of how Squidoo can be used.

It is well worth a look to gain ideas and ways you can use
this marvellous platform to share your ideas, passions
and propensities.

To access the PDF version of the e-Book click
the link below:
The Joy of Squidoo

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