Friday, February 27, 2009

Squidoo and PPC: free resources

In this post I provide access to free PPC training
resources and show how to use Squidoo lenses
high quality landing pages for PPC.

Affiliate Classroom (Anik Singal) has joined forces with
Amit Mehta to create PPC Classroom. For a short time,
they are making a heap of PPC training resources
available for free.

I joined Affiliate Classroom in September 2005.

Last year, Affiliate Classroom launched PPC Classroom
in association with Amit Mehta. I joined at that time
and can vouch for the quality of the resources provided.
They really show you step-by-step how to create
a profitable PPC campaign.

However, PPC Classroom 1.0 was closed after 1,000
subscribers to enable personalized support to be
maintained (... it sold out very quickly).

PPC CLassroom 2.0 has now launched with a free
training option. To access these PPC resources

If you join up for free now, you can have access to:

1. A full DVD interview with the author of
PPC Classroom, Amit Mehta.

2. The ENTIRE PPC CLassroom Course (9 Modules)
for a month, with nothing held back.

3. Free ticket to the PPC Classroom LIVE event in
Las Vegas (May 28-30).

4. Free Templates and Over $3,197 in FREE Bonuses.

CLICK HERE to access these resources.

Squidoo and PPC

Squidoo lenses provide a significant advantage as PPC
landing pages because they can attract a high
"quality score".

To see why this happens check out my article on

In another article, I provide 10 tips for creating
a quality PPC landing page on Squidoo

To access this article CLICK HERE.

Here's the list of Top 10 Tips:

1. Use the Squidoo lens URL as the display and
destination URL

2. Incorporate your primary keyword in the
Squidoo lens URL.

3. Incorporate your primary keyword in your
Squidoo lens description.

4. Focus content in the Introduction Module.

5. Use Technorati tags in the Introduction Module.

6. Include the call-to-action in your first content

7. Lensroll relevant lenses.

8. Add a "Featured Lens Module".

9. Use your full allocation of Squidoo tags.

10. Include original content modules and relevant RSS feed.

Don't forget to pick up your free PPC resources so
you can put these steps into practise:
CLICK HERE for your free PPC Training.

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster
and Giant Squid. He provides free resources for
Squidoo affiliate marketing on his Squidoo lens:

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Ron is the author of the ebook:

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