Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Develop your Squidoo marketing using a business journal

How often do you lose a good idea because you have
not written it down?

Why not start up a business journal to record your
ideas, goals, plans, keywords, future products...?

I have started a new journal in the form of a Spirax
A4 Note Book - I got sick of chasing my loose notes
all over the place.

Now I'm using it for lots of things to help me to
develop my Squidoo lenses and build my
Squidoo marketing.

Here's some of the uses I've found for it:

1. recording significant keywords for my major lenses
after using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (this
means that I can quickly update tags of multiple lenses
every day!)

2. jotting down potential article topics

3. keeping notes from webinars, videos, podcasts and
online conferences

4. recording the key ideas from an e-Book and the
actions that I want to follow up with

5. identifying potential topics for blog posts

6. mapping out the chapters of a new e-Book

7. sketching out the outline for a new article

8. developing a to do list

9. recording key ideas for future implementation

10. establishing goals and focused achievement deadlines

11. recording ideas for future Squidoo lenses including
potential modules

12. reminding myself about key things to do (in big
print) - such as add my videos to Flickr (paid version)

13. keeping tabs on resources I buy and what's in each

14. record key affiliate opportunities in line with my
desired direction and goals.

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
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