Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creating posts for your blog and Squidoo lenses

I don't know about you but I often have trouble thinking
up ideas for blog posts in the middle of my everday
business and home life.

The one exception is when I get a creative urge at 4 am
in the morning (I'm a morning person!). Most other times
I need the stimulus of something else to get my brain

On one of my morning walks it suddenly hit me that I
had hundreds of resources on my computer that could
act as a catalyst for blog posts or posts for Squidoo modules.
I realised I could use the ideas in Squidoo text modules, link
modules or in comments on other Squidoo lenses.

Now I use the following as a stimulus for my ideas for
posts (and add them to my business journal):

  • e-Books
  • videos
  • podcasts (I listen to these on my iPod during morning walks)
  • emails from other marketers
  • email enquiries from subscribers
  • articles in article directories
  • webinars
  • sales pages of major product launches
  • membership sites (free and paid)
  • PLR content
  • blog posts by other bloggers
  • ...and the list goes on.

The reality is that you receive heaps of stimulus for
ideas every day and have an endless store of information
on your own computer to use for blog posts or posts to
Squidoo modules.

Don't just copy what others have written or spoken
- add your own value. Some hints on how to add value to
the ideas that you encounter:
  • relate the idea to the focus of your blog/Squidoo lens
  • add personal experiences
  • illustrate with examples
  • concentrate on one key idea and tease it out
  • link to other ideas that you are aware of
  • expand on, or clarify, a key point/resource
  • link your post to other things you have written or created
You can link to articles you have written or videos you have
created (as I did above with the hotlink to "morning walk").
You can also add in links to relevant affiliate products - a
much more natural way to promote.

Reading, listening and viewing create new connections in
your brain and enable you to link to other ideas/experiences
in your brain store. As you write your posts you are building
your knowledge base, creating a directory of information
for yourself and others and moving yourself along the path
to creating your own profitable product(s).

You can make the most of your time by listening to material
on your walks or creating advertising credits as you
read articles (as you can with the Affsphere Article Directory).

I can assure you that you will build Squidoo lensrank when
you add unique content to your lens and you will also build
the Google positioning/ranking of your blog if you continue
to add new material.

[Personal note: This blog held No 1 position in Google for its
targeted keyword for a number of years (created in 2005).
It is now at No.2 - displaced by my Squidoo lens:
Affiliate Marketing Coach (created on 23 March 2007).
Around 2007, the blog had a PR5 ranking but gradually
lost this when I started to post irregularly (once a month).
I am starting to rebuild PR again.]

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