Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Squidoo: how to find great tags for your Squidoo lens

One easy way to regularly update your Squidoo lenses
is to change your tags (keywords).

You are able to use 40 tags on each lens.

But where are you going to get worthwhile tags that
represent high search volumes and reflect profitable

Well Google provides a range of tools to assist you
with this task. In a previous post, we covered
Google Insight for Search. In this post we will cover
the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

This FREE marketing tool provides you with heaps
of useful and timely information that can help you identify
really valuable tags for your Squidoo lenses.

You can search on any term such as "dog training" and
include synonyms or exclude specific words.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool now gives you monthly
search volumes and competition levels (very high, high,
average, low). This is very relevant to your Squidoo

You can even click on "match type" and specify broad,
phrase, exact, or negative types of keywords.

Your analysis can go even deeper than this. Google
also provides a "choose columns to display" in a drop
down menu that enables you to display for each keyword (tag)
the estimated ad position, average CPC (cost per click),
search volume trends (displayed pictorially by month)
and the month that the highest volume occurred in (giving
you important seasonal information).

Thus the Google Adwords Keyword Tool provides you
with superb market research information that you can
use to choose the tags that are relevant to the focus of
your Squidoo lens and your Squidoo affiliate marketing.

You should never be short of relevant tags for your
Squidoo lens.

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