Sunday, January 25, 2009

Squidoo: Improve lensrank with regular updating

Squidoo does not disclose directly their formula for

determining Lensrank. However, they do provide

advice on what constitutes a quality lens.

Also, you can identify the factors that influence the lensrank

of a Squidoo lens by watching closely the performance of

your lenses after you have taken various actions. You can

determine what has a positive influence on lensrank.

I have found that one of the most consistently positive

influences has been regular updating and, more specifically,

daily updating.

Daily updating can be a real challenge, particularly for

a lengthy lens. Here are some strategies that make daily

updating manageable:

1. add to, or change, your tags (you have up to 40, but keep

them tightly focused)

2. create a “hint of the day/week” module which you


3. add a featured lens module for your own lenses and

change the lenses featured on a regular/daily basis

4. add a featured lens module for lenses of other Squidoo

Lensmasters who cover a similar topic (you can build

a list elsewhere and use that to update your featured

lens module, or take them from your “favourites”)

5. add a links list module for relevant links and regularly

add to, or refine, this module

6. add a Plexo list module and invite your readers

to add lenses that are relevant to your theme and

to vote for the best lens

(you can determine which ones get accepted)

7. check your headings, text and images – make regular

changes to refine your lens presentation.

Make sure you publish your lens when you have made

a change, otherwise your lens will not be recognized as


Regular, even daily, updating will improve your

Lensrank and your position on Google results. I am

also very confident that it contributes positively

to the Page Rank of your Squidoo lens.

Both Squidoo and Google value focused, regularly

updated content – it’s what ultimately determines

the usefulness of search engines.

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