Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Squidoo: Animoto for fun and traffic

Have you got heaps of digital photos in your camera or
on your computer? Or are you storing boxes or albums
of photos from your trips, holidays or family events?

Well, Animoto now provides a way to have fun
and create traffic for your Squidoo lenses.

The video above was created from photos I took on
a rainforest walk in Brisbane. Animoto
is a superb, easy-to-use technology that can convert
your photos into animated musical videos (now with
text as well). The program uses the latest in
cinematology technology to create your personalized

The program offers a free option or a paid option.
The paid option enables you to produce as many videos
as you choose with no limitation on length (free ones
are limited to 30 seconds). You can also access
the music library with the paid version which is
currently a one-time payment of $30 (or $25
if you join through one of the links on this post
or on my Animoto lens).

The technology is so simple, here's the steps:

1. upload your photos to Animoto
2. add music with a push of a button
3. add text (where desired)
4. press the button and, bingo, a new video

If you don't like the way the animated musical
video comes out, just press the create button again
for a different video.

Then with a press of a button you can upload
your Animoto video to YouTube. The secret is to link
your new video to an appropriate lens when
you upload it to the various video sites
- and you
automatically tap into the current video traffic
explosion. This then becomes a source of viral traffic
as people start sharing your videos across the
social networks.

You can see more detail of how Animoto works
by visiting my Animoto lens where I have more
of my videos:

New Animoto Widget for Squidoo

Squidoo has now joined forces with Animoto to create
a widget that enables you to embed your Animoto
videos in your lenses. Chef Keem, Giant Squid and
Squid Angel, shows you how to add your Animoto video
to your Squidoo lens:

Animoto Affiliate Program

Animoto has a unique affiliate program. Members who
join through your link, receive a $5 discount on the
annual paid membership fee. As an affiliate, you receive
3 months paid membership free for each person you recruit
to Animoto who takes out a paid membership. For instance,
I paid once in April 2008 but now have a paid
membership to April 2010 because of my paid referrals.

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster
and provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate
marketing on his Squidoo lens:

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Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

Thanks for the link, Ron. Animoto is truly a lot of fun to play with and a good alternative to YouTube!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. it was really helpful.

David Jones
Affiliate Marketing