Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twitter: are YOU twittering yet?

Well I've just started to use the program with good effect.

When I first heard of "Twitter", I thought this was some lightweight
social networking site.

"Twitter" is a social networking site with a simple concept that now
carries a lot of pulling power (PR7). Your messages are restricted
to a quick burst of 140 characters and these messages can be seen
by your followers (or the whole community if you so choose).

Your followers are your special group that you can communicate
with in a direct way.

I started to sit up and take notice of Twitter when I began to get
invites from top affiliate marketers to "follow them on Twitter".

To "follow", you just click on the follow button below the name
of the person whose Twitter site you have visited.

Here's my site:

Why not follow me - just click on the link above and join
Twitter if you have not already done so. Then click the
FOLLOW button under my name on the above site.

I got a shock yesterday - three top internet marketers
have started to follow my "twitters" and I am not yet
following theirs.

Here's some great advantages of Twitter:

1. you can add the Twitter widget to your blog -
see the right column on this blog

2. Squidoo now has a Twitter module that you can
add to your lens.

In both these cases, you are able to display your "twitters"
as an RSS feed - leading to constant updating of your blog and/or
Squidoo lens.

Here's my Twitter module on the Squidoo Marketing lens:

Another great benefit of Twitter is that the URLs you mention
in your 140 character message are automatically hyperlinked!

You need to use sensibly. If you post a lot of
useless information or spam, people will stop following you
and will no longer get your messages.

Twitter is designed to be a rapid, short messaging system
to let people know what you are up to (similar to the
"what I am doing now" facility on Facebook).

Do not expect everyone that you follow to follow you in
turn ... and do not follow too many people or you will lose focus.

You can even twitter from your cell phone and Twitter
interfaces with Facebook and other social networking sites.

It is a great way to learn what the "experts" are up to and
to get to know something about them personally.

Check out the right-hand column of this blog for my latest
"tweets" and you will begin to see the potential of this social
networking site.

For more information on marketing with Twitter,
visit my
Squidoo lens:

If you want to follow me on Twitter, here's the link again:

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
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Susan said...

Perfect timing, Ron! I've been working on a new blog today (yes, another one) and hadn't added the Twitter widget yet. It's on there now. Not quite ready to announce the blog, but watch Twitter for a tweet about it very soon!


Mari Smith said...

Hey Ron!!! Awesome to see you've caught the Twitter "bug" now too!! :) I'm following you. I'm at 1k+ followers, takes time to use Twitter, but def. worth it!! I wrote a blog post the other day with quick tips for us business peeps to optimize Twitter for branding, visibility, outreach, etc.:

Michelle Dunn said...

Good post! I've been using twitter for about a month now, although my purpose with twitter is a little bit different. I don't find it to be too far to profitable for affiliates as a direct form or marketing or social networking, but when it comes to supplementing a site, blog, lens, or hub it can help push you up in ranks on different serps. A pr7 back link to your site is a very nice one, especially in the form of an anchor link. Personally I have found twitter an excellent tool for quick indexing and a little extra push. Another thing to note, is that at the moment it doesn't seem to have that dreaded "no follow tag" placed on it by the big search for the time being it should be logged as a legitimate back link. Thanks for the post again! :)

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Joseph said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your informative article on twittering. I've just found out the power behind this technique and increased my new site by 350% in Alexa rank. Cool, eh?

Anyway, thanks for your article. I'll visit frequently.

Warm Regards,
Joseph Park
Affiliate Marketing

Tommy said...

Ron, Thanks for the information. I haven't used Twitter yet, but I definately will now.

Thanks again,