Saturday, January 12, 2008

Video Sites: 6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Video Site

Why Create A Niche Video Site?

Videos are all the rage on the Internet at the moment. YouTube,
for example, gets twice the traffic of Google. How would you like
to create your own niche video site built from YouTube videos?
You can now buy a script that enables you to build unlimited
niche video sites.

A global research company, Comscore, recently stated that in a
typical month 35% of everyone who goes online worldwide visit
YouTube (Source: Social media sites are growing
exponentially – almost doubling every six months. So the trend is
up … and video consumers are at the core of this new growth.

What is a Niche Video Site?

There are a number of software developers who have recently
developed scripts to enable anyone to build their own niche video site
with free videos drawn from YouTube. These scripts enable you to
build as many niche video sites as you want. The scripts are
easy-to-use, designed for the average internet marketer and allow
you to build a site in minutes.

The niche video sites draw on YouTube’s vast video library on
the basis of a tag (keyword) that you determine as your site focus.
The script also provides a search facility to enable visitors to search
YouTube on any other tag/keyword they desire. The script can be
easily edited to add AdSense advertising, affiliate product ads
(such as for ClickBank) and links to other websites,
Squidoo lenses or blogs.

The following steps are based on the script provided by
the Niche Video Site Builder.

Six Basic Steps to Create a Niche Video Site:

1. Identify a competitive keyword

The video sites draw on YouTube videos that are tagged with the
identified keyword. So the first step is to identify a
high search/low competition keyword in the area of your interest
(the “Bum Marketing” method).

2. Locate an affiliate program or product

The niche video site scripts enable you to add your own affiliate
products or programs through banners, text links or block ads
such as those provided by BetterTextAds or FavAds. You need
to identify programs or products that fit into the theme of the
video site you are creating. Of course, sometimes you will start
with the product or program and then determine the desired

3. Purchase a domain name to match your tag/keyword

Video sites that have a domain name that matches their core
keyword tend to receive higher rankings in Google (all things
being equal). A matching domain name also helps to orientate
the visitor to the focus and content of the video site.

4. Purchase hosting for your new domain

You need to obtain a reliable host that provides you with
ample capacity to store the files and manage the volume
of visitors. I recommend Hostgator for this purpose as I know
it works very well with the Niche Video Site Builder script.

5. Edit the files in the script

This is a lot simpler than first appears. Usually there are only
two or three files you need to edit via Notepad to change the
information to your own. For example, you need to replace
the existing AdSense ID with your own. You may want to add
an affiliate product banner at the top of the site or insert block
ads in the sidebar (to replace the AdSense ads), and this can be
done by inserting the html code provided by the relevant
affiliate program owner. Niche Video Site Builder comes with
videos that explain every step.

6. FTP the edited files to your website host

This can be done very easily and quickly by FTP programs
such as FileZilla which is readily available at no cost.


Video sites and video watching are exploding on the Internet
and now is the time to get ahead of the unprecedented growth
which is occurring at an accelerating rate. Scripts are now
available that let you quickly and easily build multiple video
sites for one relatively small outlay.


Ron Passfield, PhD, Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster, built his first
video site about Squidoo Affiliate Marketing.

Ron uses and recommends the Niche Video Site Builder.

Check out Ron's review of Niche Video Site Builder here:

Ron provides a free e-course, resources, tools, tips and
strategies for Squidoo marketing on his Squidoo lens:

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