Monday, January 14, 2008

Leverage Your Writing and Google Ranking

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing:
How to Leverage
Your Writing and Achieve
Quick Google Indexing and a Top Position

Here I discuss a Product Review approach I used in
the last few days and the speedy results achieved.


1. Wrote an article on the Niche Video Site Builder in
the form of an explanation of the basic steps involved.

2. Submitted article to (with
affiliate link in bio):
Video Sites: Create Your Own Niche Video Site


3. Carved up the article into modules to create
a product review Squidoo lens which I published:

4. Submitted the lens URL to 300 search engines using
Ineedhits Easy Submit Service ($2.99)

5. Posted the article to my blog

6. Received $33.50 commission (50%) for the sale of
one copy of Niche Video Site Builder (affiliate program
available to purchasers only)


7. Submitted article to with Squidoo
lens link in author bio (no direct affiliate links allowed):
Video Sites: 6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Niche Video Site

8. Google indexed my Squidoo lens and gave it
position No. 2 in the search results for my keyword.
(that's one day after submission!)

9. Updated and pinged my product review lens.


10. My lens achieved No. 1 position in Google.

This strategy can be easily copied and used by you to
promote any product or service. You are better placed
if you can write your review honestly as a user.

Note: When I publish this post it will appear
simultaneously on my affiliate marketing lens and in
my Facebook as an RSS feed and in BlogRush as a
text link ad in hundreds of blogs .

* This was my second sale - so I now have a script for
free that will enable me to create unlimited video sites.


Ron Passfield, PhD, Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster, built his first
video site about Squidoo Affiliate Marketing.

Ron uses and recommends the Niche Video Site Builder.

Check out Ron's review of Niche Video Site Builder here:

Ron provides a free e-course, resources, tools, tips and
strategies for Squidoo marketing on his Squidoo lens:


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Susan said...

You say it so well (as always)!

Thanks for the comment and link on my blogging-squidoo lens. Your e-portfolio is absolutely outstanding!