Wednesday, December 05, 2007

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Sorry, I am a bit slow off the mark this year.

This is the original and one of the best internet
marketing giveaways.

I have been involved with this for a number of years
and the quality of the gifts is first rate.

It will be even better this year as you can only offer
a gift if you have 2,500 or more on your mailing list.

So I would check it out:

You might be a bit overwhelmed by the number and
quality of the gifts ...even though they only release a number
of new gifts each day (for 12 days).

I've found in the past the best way to tackle these
Giveaways is to identify some area you are working
on or want to focus on and collect all the resources
you can on that topic. Otherwise your energy can
become very dissipated and you will lose focus.

Then again, you should not pass up that resource
that you really must have....

Here's the link:

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