Friday, November 30, 2007

Viral Traffic Made Easy

Viral Link Tracker is a superb viral traffic tool.

I have been using this free tool for about two weeks
now and it certainly is viral.

The more you use it the more your credits and exposure

Each person you recruit starts earning credits for you
and exposure for your ads.

It all grows before your eyes and the stats are great -
you can actually see what is happening and adjust your
strategy so easily.

What is Viral Link Tracker?

Viral Link Tracker does three core thinks - it creates viral
advertising, link cloaking and conversion tracking.

I want to just concentrate on the viral advertising here as
this is the core function of Viral Link Tracker.

How does the viral advertising work?

Viral Link Tracker
creates a block of three
pop-up ads whenever a viral link is
clicked on or displayed (e.g. via a traffic exchange or
ad promotion).

The header of the adblock includes your Viral Link Tracker
affiliate ID - so the ads can generate new downline members for

Each time a link in the adblock is clicked you get 10 Ad credits.

Each time your a link in the adblock of one of your affiliates
is clicked, you get 5 credits.

So, here's what is happening -
* you are getting adcredits when you advertise your VLT links
* you are automatically recruiting downline members
* your downline members are automatically giving you adcredits
* your downline members are generating their own downline members
....and so it goes on and on.

How Do You Set It Up

1. Convert your links (website, blogs, squidoo lens) to
viral link tracker links (so that the adblock is shown each
time your link is displayed).

2. Create your ads (you can have mulitple ads) - this is very
easy. (Diamond members can use html and images!!!)

3. Start promoting your viral links (which will also promote
your website, blog or squidoo lens).

Benefits of Upgrade

Upgrade to Diamond membership will get you
20,000 free ad credits and viral ad credits from
3 levels of your downline. You also get to create ads that
have images and you can use html.

Check Viral Link Tracker Out HERE.


Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
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Ron is the author of the ebook:
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