Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Invited to the Wedding...

Henry Griner's Wedding Sale

Joanna and Ben are getting married on December 29th
and Joanna’s dad, Internet Marketing Technology Consultant
Henry Griner, has put together a wedding sale website to
help pay for the wedding that is full of things just for you.

That’s great news for you because… he put together
a fantastic package of 24 business training audio MP3's
from many of the top marketers and business people
along with some great products and bonuses for you at
a price that is only pennies on the dollar for the value
you are getting.

Here is the line-up of speakers in the audio training package:
* Matt Bacak – Mindset Millions and Marketing Systems
* Joel Bauer – How to Persuade People Who Don’t
Want to be Persuaded
* Stu McLaren – How Affiliates Can Help You to Your First
Million Dollar Month
* Jeff Mills – How to Podcast for Profit in 5 Easy Steps
* Ray Edwards – How Killer Copy Turns Words into Wealth
* Marc Harty – Web PR Secrets: How to Generate a Million
Dollar Press Release for Pennies a Click
* Mitch Carson – How to Get Your Direct Response Mail
Opened and Read
* John Childers – Million Dollar Speaking Strategies for Profit
* Mike Koenigs – How to Create Powerful Viral Videos and
* Pat Lovell – Secret SEO Techniques
* Tracy Childers – How to Create a High Ticket Digital
Information Product
* Lynn Pierce – Seven Steps to Empowered Wealth
* Steve Renner – Creating a Million Dollar Business
* Joel Comm – Cracking the Adsense Code
* Sherry Watson – The Power of Grant Money
* John Roney – Entrepreneurial Self Book Publishing
* Larry Benet – How to Connect and Network to Success
* J.J. Childers – How to Tame the Tax Tiger and Keep Your
Wealth and Assets
* Mike Stewart – Using Audio and Video in Wordpress blogs
* Jason Henderson & Rob Smith – How to Live Healthy so
You Can Be Wealthy
* Matthew Glanfield – Zero to Six Figure Income in Six Months
* Debra Thompson Roedl – Million Dollar Marketing Strategies
to Rocket Your Information Marketing
Business to Success
* Daniel Unsworth – The Power of Online Video

These men and women have very successful online and off-line
businesses that are earning them hundreds of thousands and
millions of dollars each year. They will teach you the secrets
that they use each day to make them successful.
Besides this fantastic lineup of speakers Henry has also
included some super deals on products that you can
use to build your business and start earning an income
right away.

Find out how you can get a Fast Action Bonus Savings of 30%.
If you are really serious about reaching your financial goals
and having a business of your own using the power of the
Internet, you need to listen to and study these experts.
Happy Shopping!
Ron Passfield

P.S. Make an early New Years Resolution that you will
invest more into your education starting today. The
investment you make in yourself gives you the best
payback of anything you can put your money into.

P.P.S My Squidoo Marketing Strategies
is one of the many additional,
undisclosed bonuses.


Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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