Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BlogRush Cops Flack!

BlogRush Review

There's a lot of negative comment around the forums
at the moment about BlogRush.

People are saying that BlogRush is not producing the
heaps of traffic that they came to expect.

This is in part due to the hype generated on launch -
but then again I have yet to see a program live up to
its launch hype, whether it be InstantBuzz, Million
Dollar Traffic or some other variation on the traffic
generation theme.

I wonder what we as affiliate marketers have done
to peoples' expectations that they would vehemently
criticise a FREE resource? Have we given too much
away for free in the past and thus created these
unrealistic expectations?

I too am not getting the numbers of traffic from
BlogRush that I came (unrealistically) to expect.
But what I am getting is quality traffic. Give me
one person who lingers on my site, adds me to
their favourites and downloads something, in exchange
for 100 internet butterflies who hover above my site
and, in seconds, fly on in their endless quest for the
golden nectar.

There are many people in forums who are fostering
the negative criticism to promote their own competitive
product. I think it was a sad day when our marketing
switched to employing the shock/falsely critical
approach that is endemic today. It has made "criticism"
into a secondary industry.

This is so inconsistent with the cooperative, genuine
engagement approach of Web 2.0. So too is the total
"sell" orientation of many of the critics of BlogRush.

I think too that we have to acknowledge the consequences
of our own decisions. If we place the BlogRush widget at
the bottom of our right-hand column, then we will not
get as much traffic as if we place it at the top. That's the
the trade-off, but that is our decision and we should happily
bear the consequences.

There is one service that I get from BlogRush
that is
invaluable and that I would even be
to pay for.

That is the indicator that tells me whether my posts are
hot, warm or cold. This is measured and reported by
BlogRush in terms of the click-through rate relative to
the number of impressions for my individual posts.

How valuable is that for market intelligence? I, for one,
have now identified a series of posts that will generate
a "hot" response. I can re-frame my message to be more
effective. There is clearly a flow-through effect beyond
BlogRush to the recipients of my RSS feed via Web 2.0
sites, the search engines, my Squidoo lenses and my forum
comments. So this one facility alone has immense added

Then there is the benefit that I derive from
great blogs via BlogRush ads on my
Some of these I have added to my favourites and
others I have listed as useful resources for readers of my
Squidoo lenses. So the BlogRush advertiser receives a
compounding effect through my exposure of their quality
blog. This is consistent with a Web2.0 approach.

This raises another question - how many of the BlogRush
critics ever genuinely click on the BlogRush ads on their
own sites. If they don't, why do they expect others to click
on their ads?

It takes a sense of community, that sites like Squidoo and
Facebook have engendered, to achieve this sense of mutual
commitment. It also takes a Web2.0 mindset.

The people who are writing negative posts about BlogRush
very frequently preface their remarks or conclude their
comments with a statement to the effect, "I have a lot of
respect/time for John Reese (creator of BlogRush) and
what he has achieved in internet marketing..."

Apparently this respect/time does not extend to allowing
BlogRush time to bed down or grow beyond the
embryonic stage!

I, for one, think that he does deserve this patience given
the service he is providing for FREE.

If you have not yet joined BlogRush now's your chance:

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