Monday, March 26, 2007

Squidoo Takes The World By Storm

Squidoo is a new Web 2.0 technology developed by leading
internet marketer and blogger, Seth Godin.

It combines the best of MySpace, Flickr and YouTube
and builds on these technologies. It is being touted as the

Seth Godin developed Squidoo to overcome the problem
of the poor quality results that frequently occur with
searches in major search engines. Squidoo is designed
by an internet marketer for internet marketers.

Squidoo lenses are very easy to develop and you can develop
a lens (in-depth, focused web page) on any topic. You can
have as many lenses as you like.

Squidoo started in October 2005 and now has over 100,000
lenses and has a Google ranking of 7. Its
Alexa ranking was 693 on 26 March 2007 (up 378 places
in 3 months).

Leading internet marketers like Joel Comm have recognised
the value of Squidoo by creating their own Squidoo lenses.

Squidoo provides income and traffic:

* Squidoo returns 50% of the direct revenue from your
lenses (revenue from Adsense, eBay,, etc.)
* you can earn from referring others
* you can promote your own products/services/affiliate
programs on your lenses
* backlinks from Squidoo to your own website/blog
will increase your Google ranking
* Squidoo itself is a search engine and generates traffic
to your lens based on your lens ranking
* Google appears to value Squidoo lenses even more highly
than blogs (people are reporting rapid top ten listings of
their Squidoo lenses)
* you can establish yourself as an expert in an area very

You can join Squidoo and set up your lens here:

Here are my Squidoo lenses at the moment:


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