Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Create a lens ring with Squidoo's Lensroll

The Lensroll facility created by Squidoo enables you
to link other lenses to your own lens.

Here are the steps:
a. log into your own lens
b. find a lens of interest (use the search box at the
top, if necessary)
c. click the Lensroll button in the save and share box
on the right
d. use the drop down menu to choose the lens to receive
the link
e. click the continue button.

You should start this process by linking your own lenses
first (if you have more than one lens). In this way you
create a lens ring by linking your Squidoo
lenses to each other.

Squidoo has its own protocol for ranking lenses and it
is different to that of Google and other search engines.
For example, Squidoo rewards external links and links to
other Squidoo sites that are related to your lens theme.
Squidoo rewards you for actions you take that help build
the Squidoo community.


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