Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Affiliate Marketing: Making Money Online Free Report

Gauher Chaudhry has just released his free 53 page report
on making money online:
The Science of Getting Rich Online

This report has some excellent ideas and tips for affiliate
marketers that you can easily put into practice. It covers
areas such as:

* getting traffic (free and paid)
* creating websites quickly and easily
* Clickbank promotion
* GoogleAdsense
* Google Adwords
* email marketing

You might think that you have heard it all before but I assure
you that you can learn from this report. I have been involved
in affiliate marketing for a number of years now and I found
ideas that I have put into practice today.

Check out the free report here:

The real genius of Gauther's report is his strategy for
converting Pay Per Click (PPC) into Cost Per Action (CPA).

CPA means that you get paid when the user completes an
action. You could get paid when they fill out a form, download
some software or request further information.

He demonstrates how he earns more through CPA than either
Google Adsense or Clickbank.

You can download the free report here:

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