Sunday, March 11, 2007

Article Marketing: Platinum Status Achieved

As soon as I had my tenth article accepted I lodged
a request at to be admitted to the
Platinum Membership level.

The benefits of Platinum Membership with are:
* Unlimited article submissions accepted
* Priority Approval for new submissions
* Priority Approval for modified articles (if you edit them)
* Yellow Star next to your name within 24 hours

I received my upgrade to Platinum Membership within
24 hours of applying.

One of the things I had learnt from the
blog is that you need to provide reasons why you should
be upgraded if you want expeditious consideration of
your application. So I advanced the following four reasons:

* I love writing and have more articles ready to publish
* my first nine articles have generated 3,900 page views to date
* I promote on my blog
* I have co-edited two books and published 20 academic articles

This seemed to work because I was admitted to Platinum level
very quickly.

The benefits of Platinum Membership are real. I submitted
three articles immediately and within 90 minutes
of submission I had all three articles approved
. Platinum Author

* category: article marketing


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