Monday, March 19, 2007

Squidoo - Niche marketer's dream

Squidoo is a social bookmarking site that combines the very
best of MySpace , YouTube and Flickr.

It's also fun and you can earn an income from your free
Squidoo lens (website):

You can build a Squidoo lens on any topic (or any affiliate
program) and use your lens to attract traffic to your
website or blog.

You build your Squidoo lens using an easy "point-and-click"
modular set-up. You can add as many modules as you like.
For example, you can add a YouTube module to upload
videos related to your topic.

Unlike MySpace, Squidoo welcomes marketing lenses as the
originator is himself a leading internet marketer, Seth Godin.

Squidoo attracts advertising revenue via Google AdSense and
other advertising on your lens (e.g. via the, Ebay
and CafePress modules). Squidoo shares its revenue - with
you and with charities. You can in turn opt to share some of your
Squidoo revenue with one of the charities supported by Squidoo.

You can join up here:

Here's my latest lens covering my favourite hobby:

P.S. If you love tennis, why not visit my new site:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great information on Squidoo! I'm new to the world of social networking and found it very helpful


Ron Passfield said...

Thanks for your comment Brian there is certainly a lot of value in Squidoo and it's fun. Here's some great lenses by way of example:
National parks and monuments:

On wine:

How to sing:

You could leave your own web address details to create a link back to your own site/affiliate url.


tattletells said...

Thanks for the great Squidoo info! I just started my own lens at:

- Ken

Ron Passfield said...

Hi tattletells

Loved your Squidoo lens - great example of using Squidoo for affiliate marketing/internet marketing.

I have always wanted to master eBay - I'll be revisiting your Squidoo site for some hints.

BTW: Try adding the guestbook module - visitor's comments will help both your Squidoo ranking and Google's ranking of your Squidoo site!

I have recorded my vote for your lens - this will also help your ranking.


Ron Passfield said...

Well I did not do a very good job of leaving a link to my own Squidoo lens. Here's the correct link: