Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Search keywords: How to get good keywords

Good Keywords is a free Windows software to
help you find search keywords for your
web pages.

Knowing the right keywords to target is very important
because your site should use keywords that people are
searching for.

Good Keywords is completely free - there is no registration,
no payments, no constant nagging - the marketing is as
clean as the program itself.

You are not even asked for your email address!

The program is easy to download and very safe to install -
it is only 500Kb.

You can even use this keyword search tool
to find popular keywords for your blog postings
as I did here. The Technorati tags at the end of this
post are based on keywords from the Good Keywords program.

Did you know that there are 10,000 searches per month on
Overture US for this keyword phrase? -
search keyword.

You can download the free Good Keywords program

Link Popularity Meter

This tool included in Good Keywords helps you find
out the Google ranking for a site and lets you see the
number of incoming links from Alexa, Google, Altavista,
Lycros and MSN.

You can see what the competition is up to and determine
what you have to do to catch up.

You can also find out about your own site's ranking
and popularity.

Keyword Phrase Builder

With this tool you can generate numerous new
keyword phrases - just enter search
keywords and the program will create options for you!

Misspelled Keyword Generator

Type in a searh engine keyword and generate numerous
misspellings for that keyword just by a single click.

Web Page Explorer

This tool lets you analyse other web pages and lets you
study aspects such as keyword density. You can enter
the direct webpage link or use the browser in the
program to access the contents of the target webpage.

Here's the link again for the Good Keywords

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