Saturday, February 17, 2007

The New Blogger

Google is offering most users the option of moving
over to their new Blogger format.

The aim is to have all your accounts under the one user name,
e.g. Adwords, Adsense and blogs.

Once you change over you log in with your agreed Google
username to any of your Google accounts including your blog.

The New Blogger gives you improved functionality in a number
of ways.

Of particular interest is the capacity to change the colour of your
blog ( outside the range provided by the templates) and to
adjust the format of your blog display.

The format facility enables you to change your right column
display in particular. For example, you can change your
archive display, links and profile. You can also add code from
sponsors who pay for text ads on your blog (more on this in
another post). And you can change the footer on the content


Google provides good instructions on how to switch over to the
new format. However, you really have to search to find out how
to access the new format facility.

Once you have converted, your blog (s) are displayed on your dashboard.

Your display will show the following links for each blog:
post settings template

To access the new format facility you have to click on "template"
and change your template over to the new format. NOTE:
Google warns that you will lose any customisation you have made,
for example, in your link set-up and entries in your right hand
column such as a blog counter.

When you change your blog template over, your dashboard will
then display the following links for the changed blog:
post settings format

The FORMAT link gives you access to the new formatting facilities.

You need to do this for each of your blogs (what a pain!).

However, the new functionality and adaptability is good - have a go!

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