Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blog Marketing: Register your blog with iBlog Business

iBlog Business provides a directory of business blogs.

Registration of blogs is free and provides you with
an entry in the busines blog directory. You will also
have an inbound link from a site ranked 6 by Google.

You can register your blog here:

My blog was recently accepted by iBlog Business
and you can see the entry under the "affiliate marketing"

iBlog Business has strict conditions for inclusion
in the directory:

1. The Website must be a business or corporate
entity operated Business Blog.
2. The Website must appear to be updated on a
regular basis.
3. The Website must be in the English language.
4. The Website should have original and useful
5. Websites that utilize syndicated articles or
press releases as its primary content source
will not be considered for inclusion.
6. Affiliate websites, classified as a website
for the sole purpose redirecting traffic to
affiliated partnering sites will not be
considered for inclusion.
7. The Website must not contain pornography,
pornographic or adult advertising, erotica or
adult-only content, gratuitous or graphic
violence, material that infringes on or violates
someone else’s intellectual property rights, or
material that promotes/disseminates illegal
activities. As a family-friendly directory,
we do not accept escort agencies or Websites
that sell adult toys.
8. The Website must not contain inappropriate profane
9. The Website must have a minimum of three months
of postings.
10. The Website must be up and running seven days a
week and 24 hours a day. It is possible that if
your Website goes down after being included in
our directory, it will be temporarily removed.
11. The Website should not be under construction
and all links must appear to be working.
12. The Website should not mirror another Web Website.

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