Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blog Marketing : Create a lens at Squidoo

SQUIDOO is a restively new social networking service
that has a strong social conscience.

A percentage of all revenue earned by Squidoo from
advertising goes to charity.

Even better, they share some of the revenue with people
who build lenses. Squidoo puts it this way:
"Build good lenses, feature great stuff, share your lenses
as much as possible, and earn more royalties."

The other side of Squidoo, as with any social networking
site is the value of having your blog or website linked
to a high ranked site - Squidoo was ranked 6/10 by
Google at the time of writing this post.

You can build as many lenses as you want.

Here's a great example of a lens by a former park
ranger who is using one of his lenses to promote
national parks and a book he has recently written:

You can learn more about Squidoo and help a specific
charity by participating in Dr.Mani's Congenital
Heart Disease Awareness activity on Squidoo:

Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon who is also a top internet
marketer. Every year, since 1999, he has worked to
create a promotion that brings the message about
children facing the challenge of life-threatening heart
birth defects to as wide an audience as possible.

You can participate in his promotion of CHD Awareness Day
by participating in his Squidoo promotion - you get
support to create your first Squidoo lens in the process
and the chance of winning a prize.

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