Saturday, September 09, 2006

Net Marketing Exposed: Get the TRUTH Behind the Hype

Tim Whiston's NetMarketingExposed
e-book gives you an incisive look
inside the Net Marketing Industry.

It is difficult to read this free book
without re-evaluating what you are

If you don't want to reflect on your
current network marketing activity,
don't read this e-book.

I read it and I immediately changed
my view on a program that I had
been promoting.

Tim makes the point that more
than 50% of the total income in some well known
network marketing programs goes to the top 1% of earners.

He then exposes the hidden agenda behind the key
marketing phrases that appear in most net marketing

  • anyone can do this
  • something for nothing
  • your own business
  • all the tools and training you need
  • no face tot face selling: it's a turnkey system!
  • guaranteed earnings
  • it only takes (insert number here) other people to make this work
  • the downline chart that shows just how wealthy you can become
  • it's just a numbers game
  • 20% of the world's millionaires are network marketers
After exposing these "myths", he then goes on to
discuss "sweatshop marketing" where you do all
the work for nothing while the owners grow their
brand, their mailing list and their incomes.

All is not lost, Tim does propose a SOLUTION.

This is a hard-hitting report and you will find yourself
reacting to it. If you read it, you could save yourself
a lot of money!

Get your copy by clicking here.

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