Saturday, September 23, 2006

Building my home income business

About 12 months ago I joined the
Home Income Team to build my internet

It is only recently that I have come to realise
the incredible value of this free program.

There are not many online programs around where
you can earn money even as a free member.

The Home Income Team builds my lists, my
downlines and my income. So it is essentially a
downline builder and list builder.

It enables me to build my downlines in traffic
exchanges, other downline building programs and
various marketing programs.

In addition to the free programs I can promote,
I can also build downlines in programs such as
GDI, Better Universe, Success University, Traffic
Wave and Empowerism. All this for just promoting
one program, the Home Income Team.

What I find great about HIT is that I do not have
to join any of the paid programs and I can still
earn an income. I can, however, promote some
of the programs I have already joined liked GDI and

Here's the list of free programs that I earn income
from through HIT:
Better Universe (free membership)
BetterTextAds (promotes clickbank products)

When someone joins my Home Income Team
they are encouraged to join some of the programs
and they do so through my links.

So I am building my downlines in multiple programs
simultaneously, including the traffic exchanges.

I can experience the building effect of this and
it will grow exponentially. The more people who
join my downlines in traffic exchanges, the more
credits I will have to promote my Home Income

So my team grows, my list grows, my downline grows
and my income expands.

I can then use the added income to pay for marketing
in ezines or Adwords for example and grow my Home
Income Team even further. Alternatively, I can join
more of the paid programs sponsored by HIT and
increase my income even further as people in my
downline join these programs.

I used to look with envy at those websites that
showed the multiple daily emails with "someone has
joined your downline in..", "you have received
payment for." Now it is happening to me.

When someone joins HIT below me they will join
multiple programs and I get the benefit.

My job then is to coach them and help them to
do likewise...and I enjoy doing this!

And so it all grows and I have a real, sustainable,
online business thanks to the generosity of Michael
Cobb, the innovative creator of the Home Income

I have noticed that the strong HIT community
spirit flows from his personal generosity. For
example, the One Time Offer (OTO) made to new
members I recruit generates an income
of $33.50, but this goes to me, not Michael.

The BetterTextAds are included on some of the
lead capture pages and on my own HIT website that
my downline sees. These adds generate Clickbank
income, but I get the income not Michael.

When people join Paypal, Better Universe or any of
the paid programs from my site, I get the resultant

Michael also does promotions to the whole HIT
membership where he offers substantial bonuses
if somone joins the promoted paid program. If any
of my downline join during these promotions, I get
the income, not Michael (if I am a paid member of
the relevant program.

It goes even further, Michael has created a FREE
plug-in-profit site
that I can use on my GDI domain
or any other domain that I choose...but that is
another story....

I feel much more confident about my internet
business now as I watch my downlines growing
daily...and as I recruit a new HIT member
every day with minimal effort.

I am going to try to catch up to my HIT sponsor who
already has over 700 downline members... I am
sure he does not have to surf the traffic
exchanges anymore because of the traffic credits
he must be accumlating from his downlines.

Visit now to set up your income for life:

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