Saturday, August 26, 2006

Search Engine That Pays YOU - Commission and PPC Credit

Search Big Daddy is growing daily and gaining improved
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When you join SearchBigDaddy for FREE you get:

1. Your own free top keyword position
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4. Free Conference Room (up to 25 people)
5. Free marketing blog (Wordpress).

Everytime you use your search engine portal,
you get PPC advertising to use on SearchBigDaddy.

You get PPC currency everytime you refer a new
free member,everytime you search,and everytime
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You get a commission on the optional pay for services
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You can join here:

I took advantage of the free offer first and got my
free top keyword position. I did a search for my
top keyword and a visual display of my website
came up at the top of the page plus the other
25, 900,000 search results listed below it.

I have since joined as a paid Keyword Sponsor
because the rewards are even greater.

Search BigDaddy will change the face of search
engines! You can be part of history.

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