Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FREE Custom-Built, Plug-In Profit Site

Michael Cobb has done it again with the Home-Income-Team
HIT) 2006.

I have been with HIT for 2 years and this has to be the most
generous and best, free downline program on the Internet.

You can build your downlines in your core programs plus in
traffic exchanges. You get heaps of marketing tools, splash
pages, lead capture pages and banners (all new).

You can earn income just by showing these pages. Michael
has incorporated into the pages:
  • Better Text Ads (advertising clickbank products with your ID)
  • One Time Offer with a generous commission for you.
Michael also advertises to the 11,000 HIT members on a regular
basis and includes your program links in messages to your downline.
He makes special offers, too, to encourage your downline to join
YOUR programs.

But the best of all - released only yesterday:
Your very own, custom-built, Plug-in Profit site for free.

You can upload it to any domain but Michael provides special help
for those who have a GDI, .ws domain.

This is an unbelievable offer - many GDI members do not know
what to do with their website. You pay over $20 per month
for a similar site elsewhere and do not have the flexibility of this one.

If you hurry on over to HIT you can also access Soren's Great
Free Giveaway which ends on 15 August. (Soren is Mike's mate.)

Why not have a look - it is all free - and there is no upgrade or
paying membership.

Here's where you can join up:

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