Friday, July 14, 2006

So You Want To Create An Online Business? - FREE report

Internet Business Manifesto

by Rich Schefren

Rich is the mentor/coach behind some of the recent successes of the
Internet's most successful internet marketers - Mike Filsaime, Brad
Fallon, Jim Edwards, Tellman Knudson, Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce,
Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul...

Rich's Internet Business Manifesto has created a real stir on the
Internet - he has received over 1,500 phone calls, emails and blog
postings about the report.

This is not a sales pitch - it has no hotlinks. It is designed to make you
really think about what you are doing online.

If you are serious about creating an online business, you really need
to read this FREE report.

There is no affiliate income tied to this report or any of the follow-ups.

If you do not want to be challenged or to re-think what you are doing,
then don't read the report.

Rich challenges you to decide whether you want to be an
opportunist or an entrepreneur.

There is also a follow-up report, The Missing Chapter, which forces
you to think about your strengths and to re-design your business
around those strengths. This is central to your business success.

One of the bonuses you get is a series of audio interviews between
Rich and Internet marketers he has coached
. I have just been
listening to an mp3 where Rich interviews Mike Filsaime about how
he put Rich's concepts into practice - this is great stuff because it
makes the concepts real. You have to read the Manifesto first before
you will understand these interviews.

You can access the report here:

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