Thursday, July 06, 2006

Google Adwords Made Easy - FREE ebook

Google Adwords Made Easy: Simple Fool-Proof Strategies You Can Use Right Away For Adwords Success...

by Brad Callen, originator of Keyword Elite, Adwords and SEO Expert.

Are you having difficulty making money from your Google Adwords campaigns?

Do you want to stop wasting money on ineffective advertising?

The FREE ebook, Google Adwords Made Easy, solves these problems.

This 83 page ebook is for the beginner and the advanced affiliate marketer.

Brad Callen takes you through the process of setting up your Google
Adwords campaign in 4 easy steps.

He suggests that it takes 10 minutes to create a campaign and get
organic search engine traffic to your website.

The ebook runs through the full process a number of times -
starting from the basics and progressing to the more advanced

Along the way, he provides very clear screen shots, analyses
existing ads
and shows you the right and wrong way to go.

It was really great to not only read about what you should do but
also see what that means in practice for an actual ad.

Another key feature is that Brad explains why he suggests an
action, every step of the way. He even explains in detail why he
prefers Google Adwords over other PPC programs.

This is a superb resource that provides information that you will
only find in ebooks that will cost you $97 - he holds nothing back.

(He even explains why you should have a link like this and why you
should put the product image on the left of your page)

I have created a Google Adwords campaign based on Brad Callen's
advice and it was a breeze.

Through Google Adwords Made Easy, I learnt:
  • How to structure an ad
  • How to make the most of the URL links
  • How to find profitable keywords
  • How to set up campaigns and adgroups for maximum profit
  • How to write ads that attract clicks
  • 5 Tips for Writing Landing Pages that Sell
  • How to split test ads for maximum return
  • How to track ads, keyword performance and sales
  • Strategies to boost your Google Adwords income

(P.S. There is a bonus chapter on "Finding High Paying Adsense

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